Assistant Principal's Corner


Dear Potomac View Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff and Community,

We are starting this year believing we can accomplish anything if we just believe. I have high hopes for this school year and so should all of you. We will continue to learn new things and discover strengths and skills that we did not know we had. We will also continue to grow in technology (we can do it!). Now, more than ever, we need to focus on the positive and what we can do rather than what we cannot do. "Can't" is temporary, it just means we have not done it or figured it out yet, but you will if you keep trying and do not give up, believe in yourself.

Each fall we have an opportunity to start the new academic year with fresh hopes and the chance to reach new heights as we set goals and strive to reach our full potential. We will have new students to Potomac View Elementary (PVES) as well as returning students this upcoming school year. Each student comes in with their expectations for success and our goal is to help them meet and surpass those expectations. There will always be challenges ahead of us, but it is important to recognize that those challenges are there to give us a chance to build character, learn, and grow. I hope that each of us will be able to help one another be successful in achieving our goals and dreams at Potomac View Elementary.

I believe that with a positive attitude, a growth mindset, and good character anyone can achieve great things. I strive to instill those qualities in our young people and to be a positive role model as well.

We are all here to learn together. It is my goal to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment that challenges our students to reach beyond their expectations to become lifelong learners who will make the world a better place. For our students to reach their full potential, it is imperative for them to be at school each day. I will be looking forward to seeing your child each day!

I am excited about the possibilities that this school year will bring and proud to be part of the PVES family. Let’s have a great school year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Stacy Weatherspoon
Assistant Principal