3rd Grade Teachers

Chisholm-Brooks   Mrs. Chisholm-Brooks  Gazikas    Ms. Gazikas

Goodfriend Ms. Goodfriend Levasseur Mrs. Levasseur

McCummings Ms. McCummings Wilkerson Mrs. Wilkerson 

3rd Grade ESOL Teachers: Ms. Godfrey: GodfreEC@pwcs.edu  Ms. Meachem: MeacheLL@pwcs.edu Mrs. Arnold: ArnoldLR@pwcs.edu Mrs. Leedock: LeedocJH@pwcs.edu

Honor RollCONGRATULATIONS 1st & 2nd Quarter Honor Roll Students!!
3rd Grade Honor Roll Ceremony Video (Click Here) 

Here is your Virtual Daily Schedule!

9:50-10:35- Math
(Live on Zoom)

10:35-11:20- Math Canvas Small Groups and Assignments
11:20-11:50-Independent Reading/Finish Missing Assignments
11:50-12:15 pm- Recess
12:15-12:45- Small group/one-on-one assistance
12:45-1:15- Lunch
1:15-2:10 pm-Language Arts and Social Studies (LIVE on Zoom) 
2:10-2:55 pm- Encore Specials
2:55-3:20- Language Arts Canvas Small Groups and Assignments
3:20-3:30- Class Meeting
Live on Zoom

View Meet and Greet Recording Here:

**Counselor Referral Forms**
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