5th Promotion Song
This is the song we will be singing this year:
When Can I See You Again from Wreck-it Ralph by Owl City

This year, because of being at home, students will be using YouTube to learn their 5th grade song. Students that want to participate will sing a long with a YouTube video to learn the song. Once they have learned the song, they will make a video of themselves singing. The video will be sent to Ms. Janitschek at janitskm@pwcs.edu. This is how they will make the video of themselves singing the song. The YouTube video should be on in the background, but the sound on the video should be turned down low. By having the sound low, we will mostly hear the student that is singing. Ms. Janitschek will put all the videos she receives together into a whole, so everyone that gives her a video is singing together. Students participating should plan on sending her the video by May 29th. This is not required. Even so, I know there are students with great voices that would be able to do a good job.