Reading & Writing Calendars

 Reading and Writing calendars outline small tasks for your child to complete each day during the months of March and April.

Available Resources ( click on them below to see what's inside)
Language Arts 

Reading Calendar- March and April.docx

Writing Calendars- March and April.pdf

MathTitle I Newsletter IntermediateMay2020English.pdf
4th Grade New SOL Trimmed Powerpoint.pdf

Origo At Home

This is the online component to our fourth grade math curriculum. 
There is no login required!

Social Studies

4th Grade word Wall

VA Studies: VA Studies,   School: Potomac View, Password: pves1460

Human Resources

June 8-12

All of these resources are recommended review materials. Focus on the day. You may use the choice board for this subject on the other days!




Office Hours

1:30-2:00 PM





Office Hours

2:30-3:00 PM

Activity Choices (located under each subject)

Gimkit Instructions

Follow the directions in Choice #1.

Make your own Origami Crane!


Fraction Review Song

5th grade Teachers Q & A!


Strings Introduction!



Choice #1

Log onto Office 365, go to TEAMS, and click on the class called “Connect Time”.

That is where I will be posting the game codes right before we start!


The live game will start at 2 PM.

Make your own Origami Crane and send a picture of it to your teacher.



Challenge: teach your family and/or friends how to make a paper crane.

Do you like hearing a good story? Well here’s one select the link below

and listen to a short

Fraction Story


Make up your own fraction song or story and share it with us using Class Dojo...

Write a letter to next year’s 4th grade students! Write to them about what they should expect from 4th grade and what you liked about this year!


*send a picture or type it to your teacher by dojo or email! We can share it with next year’s 4th graders in the Fall!



Choice #2

Watch this movie trailer of Because of Winn-Dixie.


Draw a picture of your favorite scene from the book!

After making your crane give it a name and write a story with it as your main character! Be creative and make sure to have a beginning, middle, and end.

Converting Fraction With Gems


Continue developing your fraction skills by selecting the link below. Choose as many games you like.


Fraction Games


Tell us about the games using your teacher’s email or Class Dojo.


Read from these funny concrete poems on Getepic! This collection of poems is called “Ode to Commode”


Make your own concrete poem (a concrete poem is where you write a poem and then make the words into the shape of your object or topic!)




Choice #3

An acrostic poem uses each letter in a word to start a new line of poetry.

For example:

L- loves her students

A- always proud of her kids

W- wishes she could say “Have a great summer!” in person

R- remembers all the great moments of this year

E- excited to see everyone next year

N- noticed how great this fourth-grade class is

C- created good memories this school year

E- enjoyed getting to know all of youMake and acrostic poem and illustrate it!

Social Studies Review: Go to Epic! And read the “Visual Dictionary of a Colonial Community!”

Memory Games

Are you ready to test your Memory, grab a partner and select the link below and play the Memory Games



Have Fun!!!

Draw a self- portrait or make a representation of yourself out of play- doh, or clay. Who will you be in 5th grade? Label or add characteristics!




All of this is recommended material that will help your child review!