Writing is very essential to the learning process. Reading and writing goes together. A good writer is a good reader. These are the topics that we have covered this year in writing:

1. Opinion Writing - write your opinion about a certain topic. In class we brainstormed a lot of topics to write about, for example our favorite season.
Opinion Writing for Kids

2. Research Writing - we did research in class about animals, people, and places. You can pick a new topic to research that interests you.
Research Writing for Kids
What I Want to Learn More About.docx
Notes Sheet.docx
After doing research, you can go on Wixie and complete another trading card! 

3. Narrative Writing - write a story about something that has happened to you. This could be something funny, exciting, or just a story you want to tell. 

Narrative Writing for Kids

4. Poetry - we wrote 4 different types of poems: haikus, acrostics, cinquain and synonym poems. We started a poetry book on Wixie and students are encouraged to finish up the current poetry book and start a new one if they would like.
Poetry BrainPopJr.