We have covered many things in Social studies this year. Below are each of these units as well as some videos and resources to help the students review what they have already learned. Along with these links your students can go to MyOn and read books and articles about each subject.

MyOn Book and Article titles 


Firing up the Olympic flame  

Climbing higher in the colosseum 

Wants or needs  

Geography matters in ancient Greece 

Geography matters in ancient Rome  

Continents in my world 

Unit 1- Geography 


Unit 2- Economics  


Unit 3- Greece and Rome  

BrainPOP Jr. Ancient Rome Video


Unit 1 Interactions w/ Water 3.3, 3.1 ➢ Solids and liquids mix with water in different ways ➢ Many solids dissolve more easily in hot water than in cold water 

National Geographic: Water for everyone video 

MyOn book: Water: Up, Down, and All Around (English & Spanish) 

Epic! book: Why do Puddles Disappear?  

Water by Ellen Lawrence 

Extra documents:  

Who polluted the Potomac activity 

dissolving solids in water 

dissolving solids 

mixing and separating liquids& water

Unit 2 Force and Simple Machines 3.2, 3.1➢ Multiple forces may act on an object ➢ The net force on an object determines how an object moves ➢ Simple machines increase or change the direction of a force ➢ Simple and compound machines have many uses ➢ The differentiation and classification of six types of simple machines found in school at home (lever, pulleys wheel & axle, screw, inclined plane, wedge) 

Epic book: Simple Machines by JoAnn Early Macken 

Many other books on the different simple machines on epic 

MyOn: Wile E. Coyote experiments with simple machines  

Many other books on the different simple machines on MyOn also 

Brainpop videos: video for every kind of simple machine 

Username: pves 

Password: technology 

Extra documents:  
Simple machines around our house! 

simple machines booklet, game, tools 

simple machines flip book 

Unit 3 Animal Adaptations 3.4, 3.1➢ Populations change and adapt over time for survival ➢ Behavioral and physical adaptions of animals ➢ Fossils provide evidence about the environment and types of organisms that lived long ago 

Study jams: AnimalsPlants

So fun! Create your creature with many adaptations!  

Epic: Earth science rocks (fossils) 

Super simple fossil projects by Jessie Alkire 

Brainpopjr: “plant adaptations”, “camouflage”, “hibernation” 

Myon: So many books on different animals and plants! Search “adaptations” and pick!  

Extra documents:  

Animal adaptations worksheet 

Behavioral & structural adaptations worksheet 

Instinct vs. learned behavior worksheet 

Physical vs. behavioral adaptations worksheet 

Unit 4 and 5 Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems 3.5, 3.1 ➢ Ecosystems are made of living and nonliving components of the environment ➢ Relationships exist among organisms in an ecosystem ➢ Food chains: producer, consumer, and decomposer ➢ Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, predator, and prey ➢ Aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems 

Brainpopjr:“food chain” 

Brainpop: search “ecosystems” and pick an ecosystem to learn about!  

Epic & MyOn: Search “ecosystems” and pick a book!  

Extra documents:  
Food chains worksheet 

Food web worksheet 

Producer & Consumer worksheet 

Producer, consumer, & decomposer worksheet