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In Second Grade We All Blend Together!

Meet The Team – Jordana's Rainbows
We do our BEST to  make DREAMS become REAL!!!


2nd Grade Meet & Greet Recording

Virtual Schedule

Tuesday - Thursday

¡9:40-9:50 Announcements (LIVE ZOOM) 
¡9:50-10:35 Math (45 minutes live instruction ZOOM)
¡10:35-11:20 (Math small group& Canvas)
¡11:20-12:05 Specialized Instruction (Gifted, ESOL, SPED, Core)
¡12:05-1:05 Lunch
¡1:05-1:50-Language Arts (Live Instruction ZOOM)
¡1:50-2:35 Specials (LIVE ZOOM)
¡2::35-3:20 Language Arts (Small Group& Canvas)
¡3:20-3:30 Class Meeting (LIVE ZOOM)
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N.B. If you have not received information for the upcoming school year 2020-2021, please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible.

Teacher Contact Information:

Antiolla Anderson:

Natalie Barrett:

Sara Burt:

Lauren Hoxter:

Lotoya Wilson-Anderson:

ESOL Support:
 Yvonne Melendez: 

ESOL Support:
 Thuy Vu:

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Counselors: Ms. Parker

                   Mr. Baker

We look forward in working with you and making it a successful school year!  Together we will make great things happen!  


2nd Grade Team